Regis College Offers Expanded Course Offerings in Summer 2016

Regis College offers expanded course offerings for the 2016 summer session; see course descriptions below. Class timetable is available here

RGP1814HF Using Media For Ministry: Walking With the People of God - John Pungente, S.J.

Examine ways to serve as interpreter and trusted guide concerning the media for the people of God as you walk with them in whatever ministry you are called to whether you are a minister, a priest, a religious, or a lay person.

RGB2671HF Gospel of John - Scott Lewis, S.J.

The discussion of Johannine spirituality will examine agape as the unique way of knowing God and patterning oneself on Christ. Issues such as conflict, sectarianism, and the uses and misuses of John will also be covered.

RGT2943HF Social Faith, Eco-Justice and Beauty: Religion & Reconciliation After a Secular Age - Gordon Rixon, S.J.

Explores the spiritual integration of social activism, aesthetic appreciation, and critical reflection in a secular context.

RGP3273HF Prayer and Meditation through Pencil, Pastel, and Ink Sketching - Michael Stoeber, Ph.D.

Explores the theory and practice of various types of prayer through the artistic mediums of pencil, pastel, and ink drawing, including critical reflection on the theology and spirituality of these art forms.

RGP3/65541HF Psychology of Faith Development - Joseph Schner, S.J.

Distinguishes some of the more significant ways of conceptualizing human development in psychology and how they have influenced contemporary thinking about human development.

RGT3/6706HF Ignatian Contribution to Contemporary Ecclesiology - Gill Goulding, C.J.

Evaluates the Ignatian contribution to contemporary ecclesiology and explores key issues and potential problems faced by a twenty-first century reader of Ignatius. 

RGT3/6809HF Doing Theology in the Canadian Context - Mary Jo Leddy, Ph.D.

A multi-disciplinary exploration of  how the Canadian context affects how we think, act, and pray as Christians.

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