Hosting an Exhibit of the St. John's Bible

Regis College welcomes inquiries from faith and cultural groups, parishes, retreat houses, dioceses, colleges and universities in Canada wishing to host an exhibit of one or more volumes of the St. John's Bible. A listing of previous exhibit venues is available online.

Regis College requests that venue provide two solid 4' x 3' table with table cloths for the first volume exhibited and one additional table for each additional volume. If any special lighting is provided, there should be no perceptible heat on the surface of the book. Regis College will provide an appropriate cradle for each volume. No food or drink should be allowed in the room where the volumes are exhibited. Handling the volumes is restricted to trained personnel provided or vetted by Regis College. Reserved parking in the immediate vicinity of the venue is helpful - each volume weighs about 40 lbs when boxed in its storage case, which measures about 3' x 2'  when closed.

Day or evening programs in Southern Ontario are usually conducted by a Regis College professor or other staff member who is accompanied by a trained "page turner." Presentations introduce the St. John's Bible project and explore some introductory themes in Scripture, theology and spirituality. The presentations usually last about one hour, including 15 minutes for questions and answers, and are normally preceeded and followed by thirty minutes of exhibition and informal interaction with the presenter and page turner. At present six presentations are available:

  • We Never Pray Alone: The Ecclesial Contemplative, Gill Goulding, C.J.
  • The Word of God: Contemplating Divine Wisdom, Michael Kolarcik, S.J.
  • According to Scripture: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament, Scott Lewis, S.J.
  • Scripture and Contemplative Prayer: Cathedral and the Book, Gilles Mongeau, S.J.
  • Remembering Sacred Scripture: Growing in the Word, Gordon Rixon, S.J.
  • Spiritual Affect: A Shared Relationship, Joseph Schner, S.J.

There is no set fee for local presentations in Southern Ontario. When possible and offered, a donation to Regis College would be accepted and shared between a preservation fund for the Bible and the presenter (and other staff). Regis College asks for acknowledgment for itself and St. John's Abbey in all advertising of the presentation and an opportunity to share information about the college and its programs.

Extended visits may also be arranged provided that appropriate arrangements are made for shipping, insurance, security and conservational quality handing and display. Where feasible, Regis College requests that hosts include a presentation about the St. John's Bible by one of its professors as an aspect of the program. All associated costs are the responsibility of the host.

Bookings for the Bible are usually made two months to a year or more in advance. Please contact to initiate an inquiry about a day/evening program or an extended visit.

About The Saint John's Bible

The project is sponsored by Saint John's Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota.

First conceived in 1995, the project began in 1998 under the artistic direction of Donald Jackson and the manuscript was completed in the fall of 2012. Jackson is one of the world's foremost calligraphers.

Six scribes and six illuminators worked under Jackson's direction at his Scriptorium in Wales for some 14 years to complete the project. The Bible totals 1,150 pages over seven volumes: Pentateuch, Historical Books, Psalms, Prophets, Wisdom Books, Gospels and Acts, Letters and Revelation. Each Heritage volume weighs about 20 pounds and measures 2 feet high by 3 feet wide when open.

The original is crafted by hand on vellum, using rare pigments and precious gilding.

The Heritage Edition is printed in a six colour process with instantaneous UV drying and hand application of gold and platinum.

The Heritage Edition is being placed at universities, art galleries and cathedrals around the world. Pope Benedict XVI received a copy at the Vatican in April 2008.

For additional information, please visit

To turn the pages of the St. John's Bible online, please click here.

A trade edition of the St. John's Bible, prints and other materials are available for sale in Canada through B Broughtons Limited. Regis College itself does not sell books or any other related materials. Sometimes as a service to attendees, Broughtons may arrange a sales table with hosts. This is solely an arrangement between hosts and B Broughtons in which Regis College has no direct, financial interest.

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