Regis Professor John Dadosky Delivers a Presentation at Thomas More Institute

Last weekend, Professor John Dadosky contributed to Thomas More Institute's series 'Listening to Lonergan' with a presentation titled 'Lonergan and Beauty' in Montreal.

Professor Dadosky's presentation summarized Lonergan's philosophy as a basis for a philosophy of beauty. He touched on various themes including philosophical and theological issues regarding the nature of beauty in Aquinas, aesthetic experience/perception, aesthetic judgments, the aesthetic argument for the existence of God, and other cultural notions of beauty. Just as Lonergan’s philosophy involves experience, understanding, judgment, decision, Professor Dadosky spoke to: (1) aesthetic experience, (2) the intelligibility of beauty, (3) judgments of beauty, and (4) creating and contemplating beauty.

Professor Dadosky has a forthcoming book titled The Eclipse of Beauty and its Recovery: A Lonergan Approach (University of Toronto Press).