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Adopt-A-book 2013

The following titles are in need of your support in order to find a home on our shelves.
(updated March 7, 2013)
ADOPTED     Acquainted with the night: an exploration of spirituality and depression, by Robert Waldron.
ADOPTED     The art of live: monastic wisdom for every day, by Joan Chittister.
Art therapy and healthcare, by Cathy A. Malchiodi.
The awareness guru: Tony de Mello: a new assessment, by Eugene Fatima FMA.
Balthasar: a (very) critical introduction, by Karen Kilby
ADOPTED   Battles men face: strategies to win the war within, by Gregory L. Jantz.
ADOPTED   Become what you receive: a systematic study of the Eucharist, by John H. McKenna.
ADOPTED   The Bloomsbury guide to Christian spirituality, edited by Peter Tyler and Richard Woods.
Bringing Jesus to the desert, by Bradley Nassif.
ADOPTED     The Cambridge companion to Fransis of Assisi, edited by Michael J. P. Robson.
ADOPTED     Catholic teaching on homosexuality: new paths to understanding,  by Lous J. Cameli.
Catholicism and interreligious dialogue, edited by James L. Heft.
ADOPTED     Christian spirituality for seekers: reflections on the spiritual exercises of ignatius Loyola,   by Roger Haight.
ADOPTED     Creator God evolving world,  by Cynthia Crysdale and Neil Ormerod.
ADOPTED     Dementia: living in the memories of God, by John Swinton.
Doing better: the next revolution in ethics, by Tad Dunne.
ADOPTED     Ecofeminism in Latin America, by Mary Judith Ress.
ADOPTED     The economy of desire: Christianity and capitalism in a postmodern world, by Daniel M. Bell Jr.
ADOPTED     The essentials of Catholic spirituality: living and breathing our faith!, by Joseph F. Classen.
The feminine genius of Catholic theology, by Matthew Levering.
Finding seekers: how to develop a spiritual direction practice from beginning to full-time   employment, by Bruce Tallman.
Five unease pieces: essays on scripture and sexuality, edited by Nigel Write.
Foundations of spirituality: the human and the holy: a systematic approach, by Carla Mae Streeter, OP.
ADOPTED     A future full of hope? edited by Gemma Simmonds, CJ.
Go in peace: the art of hearing confessions, by Julia Gatta and Martin L. Smith.
ADOPTED     Green leaves for later years: the spiritual path of wisdom, by Emilie Griffin.
Hasidic spirituality for a new era: the religious writings of Hillel Zeitlin, edited and   translated by Arther Green.
Hope and help for living with illness, by Karen Zielinski.
In the grip of light: the dark and bright journey of Christian contemplation, by Paul Murray.
ADOPTED     In the name of the church: vocation and authorization of lay ecclesial ministry, edited by  William J. Cahoy.
ADOPTED     Interreligious dialogue and cultural change, edited by Catherine Cornille and Stephanie  Corigliano.
ADOPTED      It draws me: the art of contemplation, by Mary M. Mcdonald.
ADOPTED     Jesuit & feminist education: intersections in teaching and learning for the twenty-first century, edited by Jocelyn M. Boryszka and Elizabeth A. Petrino.
ADOPTED     A Jesuit confluence: Ignatian psycho spirituality, by A. Da Silva, et al.
ADOPTED     Just call me Lopez: getting to the heart of Ignatius of Loyola, by Margaret Silf.
The limits of hospitality, by Jessica Wrobleski.
Loving work: a spiritual guide to finding the work we love and bringing love to the work we do, by Mike Hayes.
ADOPTED     Making love just: sexual ethics for perplexing times, by Marvin M. Ellison.
ADOPTED      Marvelously made: gratefulness and the body, by Mary C. Earle.
ADOPTED     The monastery of the heart: an invitation to a meaningful life, by Joan Chittister.
ADOPTED     Monks and Muslims: Monastic and Shi'a spirituality in dialogue, edited by Mohammad Ali Shomali and William Skudlarek.
ADOPTED     Nourishing the spirit: the healing emotions of wonder, joy, compassion and hope, by James D. Whitehead and Evelyn Eaton Whitehead
The Old Testament and Christian spirituality: theoretical and practical essays from a South African persepctive, by Christo Lombaard.
ADOPTED     An open place: the ministry of group spiritual direction, edited by Marlene Kropf and Daniel Schrock.
Palliative care, ageing and spirituality: a guide for older people, carers and families, by Elizabeth Mackinlay
ADOPTED     The Paul of surprises: his vision of the Christian life, by Geoffery Turner.
ADOPTED     Psalms: to accompany the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, by Benjamin Gonzalez  Buelta.
ADOPTED     Reading the cosmos: nature, science, and wisdom, by Giuseppe Butera.
Reconciliation in interfaith perspective: Jewish, Christian and Muslim voices, edited by Reimund Bieringer and David J. Bolton.
ADOPTED     Religious understandings of a good death in hospice palliative care, edited by Harold Coward and Kelli I. Stajduhar. 
ADOPTED     Remember to live!: embracing the second half of life, by Thomas Ryan.
ADOPTED     Sharing God's good company: a theology of the communion of saints, by David McCarthy and David Matzko.
ADOPTED     Simple faith: moving beyond religion as you know it to grow your relationship with God, by Margaret Silf.
ADOPTED     The singing heart of the world: creation, evolution and faith, by John Feehan.
ADOPTED     Speaking of dying: recovering the Church's voice in the face of death, by Fred Craddock,et al.
Spirit of love: a Trinitarian theology of grace, by Amos Yong.
ADOPTED     Spirituality and personhood in dementia, edited by Albert Jewell.
Sustaining the hope for unity: ecumenical doalogue in a postmodern world, by Erin M. Brigham.
ADOPTED     Temple mysticism: an introduction, by Margaret Barker.
ADOPTED    Thomas Merton: twentieth-century wisdom for twenty-first-century living, by Paul R. Dekar.
ADOPTED     Time to change: an Ignatian retreat in daily life, by Michael Campbell-Johnston.
Twelve steps to a compassionate life, by Karen Armstrong.
The Uncreated light: an iconographical study of the transfiguration in the Eastern church.  by Solrunn Nes; translated by Arlyne Moi.
Unlocking divine action: contemporary science & Thomas Aquinas, by Michael J. Dodds OP.
Vast universe: extraterrestrials and Christian revelation, by Thomas F. O'Meara.
ADOPTED     The way: a film by Emilio Estevez (DVD)  
Witness of the saints: patristic readings in the liturgy of the hours, by Milton Walsh.
ADOPTED     Women of the Church: the religious experience of monastic women, by Patricia M. Rumsey.
ADOPTED     The word is flesh and blood: the Eucharist and sacred scripture, edited by Vivian Boland OP and Thomas McCarthuy OP.
Yours is the church: how Catholicism shapes our world, by Mike Aquilina.