Summer Aquinas Studium Offered at Regis College

An intensive one-week Aquinas Studium will be offered at Regis College from June 13 to June 17, 2011 in conjunction with the course RGT3552/6552HS Aquinas on the Spiritual Life.

The Studium will gather a dozen specialists in Aquinas Studies to read and explore the 2a2ae of the Summa Theologiae. Each afternoon, after a close reading of a portion of the 2a2ae, a presenter will propose a quaestio, a particular problem for understanding the text of Aquinas. The next morning, the quaestio will be discussed by the members of the Studium. In addition to attending all sessions of the Studium, students will gather every afternoon for a seminar with the course instructor. This course will be of special interest to graduate students in philosophy, theology, or medieval studies.

Descriptive flyer and application form for enrollment by non Toronto School of Theology  students are attached.

For more information, contact the course instructor, Gilles Mongeau, S.J at or call 416-922-5474 x221.