Holocaust Education Week, Michael Marrus, "Edith Stein's 1933 Appeal to the Pope on Antisemetism"

During the 2011 Holocaust Education Week, Professors Michael Marrus and Mary Jo Leddy and Rabbi Dow Marmur explored "Edith Stein's 1933 Appeal to the Pope on Antisemitism" and its wider significance.

Edith Stein, a Jewish convert to Catholicism who was recognized as a saint in the Catholic Church in 1998, retained a lifelong, complex identification with the religion of her birth. Soon after the Nazis took power in Germany, she issued a passionate appeal to the Vatican, asking Pope Pius XI to intervene on behalf of German Jews, then suffering from Nazi persecution. Her appeal reached the desk of Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, later to become the wartime Pope Pius XII.  What happened to this appeal?

The presentation took place in St. Joseph Chapel, Regis College on Wednesday, November 9, 2011.